Julia Znoj
vinyl, limited edition (300 exemplars)
€20 plus Shipping
About the edition

Sculls by Julia Znoj is a 7 inch vinyl release with the 4 tracks Aurora Twirl, Lariat Loops, Paroxysmal Star (Toes Touch to Form 8 Star) and The Bowline. It was produced in Korfos, Greece and NYC, USA. The word Sculls refers to movements under water, either with the help of paddles or without, which propel the willing subject further. The beats underlying the music can be felt as a supporting structure that secures the progress of the dramaturgie, whereas other sounds seem to shoot off or sink in entirely. The vinyl is framed by a pvc gatefold and accompanied by a booklet made by Znoj with collected imagery and text fragments. Sculls was made for the exhibition 'She is in it not not at all'. Snippets of the tracks fade in and out like waves gushing silently.


Sculls is now available for €20 on our website as an edition of 300 or can be purchased as digital album on bandcamp. The proceeds will go to the artist. 50 procent of the proceeds will go to Terres des Femmes.


Thanks to:
Sculls was made with the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.