14. Apr
Eröffnung: 19:00

Anita Leisz, Hans Christian Lotz

Curated by Anette Freudenberger


Hans-Christian Lotz’s installations juxtapose objects that at first sight seem to have only little to do with each other, which is why they cannot be linked by a narrative. His works rather disclose themselves at the interfaces of things, when different systems, such as organizational sciences and art, are related to each other.

Anita Leisz submits her materials to an intense processing. She hits the nail on the head without fixing it once and for all. Despite all poignancy and radicalness in terms of form, her sculptures and wall pieces retain their communicative potential and openness, which they can fall back on to change their identity and reposition themselves in each new arrangement.

Freudenberger is a self-organized exhibition space run intermittently and in different places. In the Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, Freudenberger presents the two artists Anita Leisz and Hans-Christian Lotz who respond to the situation in Schwaz with their recent works.

Photo © WEST. Fotostudio