01. Oct
Opening 7 pm

The Party

Nina Beier, Merlin Carpenter, Karoline Dausien, Trisha Donnelly, Benjamin Hirte, Margaret Honda, Anita Leisz, Hans-Christian Lotz, Marlie Mul, Torbjørn Rødland, Anne Speier, Marina Sula, Heimo Zobernig

02.10. - 13.11.2021

THE PARTY - curated by Maximilian Geymüller


In the distant background, the digital present: interconnectedness of objects, increasingly autonomous things, machines generating images for machines—the human being tips out of the accelerating cycle of linguistic and visual meaning-making. In view of these shifts, the exhibition presents a scenario of alienation that reminds us of peculiar evenings in company: almost everyone knows and busily chats with almost everyone, only we stand apart. Virtually impenetrable works enter into a dialogue that eludes us. The audience and the need for their presence become obsolete. Now, in the shadow of the events, undisturbed observation begins. Drinks.


An exhibition on hazy linkages that does not need us. On being out of place, speechlessness, small talk, one-liners, misunderstandings, self-reference, and the liberation from authority.


With many thanks to the Julia Stoschek Foundation, Berlin/Düsseldorf, and all other lenders.



Text: Maximilian Geymüller

Sujet: Torbjørn Rødland, Circle of Seven (Detail), 2011, selenium toned silver gelatin print
Courtesy of the artist and STANDARD (Oslo), Oslo, photo: Vegard Kleven


Photos © Verena Nagl